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About Us

Providing comprehensive educational management solutions.

For over a quarter of a century, Apply Networks has been at the forefront of educational technology innovation. Our deep understanding of the needs of K-12 education, combined with our technological expertise, positions us uniquely to address the evolving challenges of the educational sector. We are committed to continuous improvement and innovation, ensuring that our solutions not only meet the current needs of educators and administrators but also anticipate and adapt to future challenges.

At Apply Networks, we are more than just a software provider; we are your partner in educational transformation. Our Comprehensive Educational Management System embodies our vision of leveraging technology to create a more efficient, effective, and engaging educational environment. We invite you to experience the future of education management with us.

  • Unified Management Platform
  • Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Streamlined Communication
  • Enhanced Security and Compliance
  • Efficiency and Productivity
  • Improved Student Engagement
  • Strategic Resource Allocation
  • Future-Ready Education

Products & Services

We offer an extensive range of products designed to enhance your data-driven decision-making capabilities. Our single-application solution streamlines the review and management of all student accountability plans, offering unmatched efficiency and convenience.

Referrals & Interventions

Our advanced referral application enables schools to effectively report and monitor student interventions and referrals with ease. Multiple students can attached to a single incident. It boasts strong tracking capabilities and comprehensive documentation for district level incidents as well as those necessitating law enforcement action.

Mental Health Plans

Our dedicated mental health application provides a secure platform to create and manage student mental health plans. It ensures the confidentiality and accessibility of records. Additionally, the app facilitates the electronic distribution of parental consent packets, enabling seamless digital signatures and return to the district.

Safety Plans

Our safety plan application is tailored to develop individualized Safety Plans for students. These plans are constructed using forms that align with your district's and/or state's specific requirements, ensuring compliance and relevance.

Threat Assessment Plans

Our threat assessment application is a specialized tool for creating, monitoring, and reporting on student threats within the school district. It includes customizable forms that adhere to district and state compliance standards, providing a thorough and adaptable approach to threat assessment.

ESE, LEP and 504 Plans

Our suite of applications encompasses plans for special education, including ESE, Section 504, and Limited English Proficiency (LEP) plans. Our applications are adaptable, designed to align with your existing forms and processes.

Child Study Teams

Our child study teams application consists of a series of customizable forms that assist in determining a student's eligibility for special education services or classroom accommodations. This tool streamlines the evaluation process, ensuring efficient and accurate assessments.

Why choose us?

The answers are simple.

Clear and straighforward:

  • We are committed to earning your trust and business through our dedication and customer-focused approach.
  • Our solutions are tailored to meet your unique needs, offering versatility and adaptability.
  • Transparency is key in our operations; we ensure you have full visibility into our processes.
  • Our software offers exclusive access to the source code of our software packages under special licensing terms.
  • We provide clear and upfront pricing for all our solutions, eliminating any surprises.
  • Your preferences matter to us. We take the time to understand how you envision the software interacting with your users.
  • Our software packages are customizable, ensuring they seamlessly integrate into your specific environment.
Apply Networks stands out in the technology sector, combining best-in-class solutions with a team of highly skilled professionals. This combination results in a robust partnership opportunity for you.

Intuitive User Interface

We excel in delivering business solutions suitable for a wide range of users. Our offerings cater to both the advanced NT Webmaster and the more novice user. Our Needs of Assessment teams excel in thoroughly understanding your company's requirements, providing a comprehensive, multi-faceted solution. Looking ahead, Apply Networks designs platforms that not only mesh with your current systems but also offer scalability for future integrations.

Scalable Solutions

Our products are designed to scale from individual desktop applications to global enterprise solutions. Understanding the importance of quality in your school district, we offer nothing but the best. Our solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly into your current setup and grow with your future needs, ensuring that our networks, systems, and products are a perfect fit for today and tomorrow.