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About SIS Software and the Apply Networks Corporation SIS Software's products and solutions for your school district. Review some of our clients and their testimonials. Looking for support? Need additional information? Contact us!

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Quickly review and manage all accountability plans
for a single student from one location

- including demographic records,
class roll information, attendance
and discipline information.

SIS Software brings a unique value to your school district?

Why buy the products and services you need from SIS Software? The answers are simple.

We strive to earn your business.
We present you with solutions to your needs that are flexible.
We don't hide anything from you.
SIS software can provide you a special license to the source code of its software packages.
We will tell you upfront how much your solutions will cost.
We will sit down and listen to how you want to see the software interact with your users.
All SIS Software packages can be customized to work in your environment.

SIS Software offers the best solutions and experience in all aspects of the technology industry with carefully selected and highly qualified employees. This translates into a powerful partnership option for you.

An Easy, Intuitive Interface
SIS Software is a proven power at offering business solutions that cater to all types of users. Our products can be tailored to the most advanced NT Webmaster, or made to suit a lesser skilled casual operator. Our Needs of Assessment teams know how to fully investigate your company's needs, and provide the most integrated, multi-interfaced solution possible. Furthermore, SIS Software plans into the future for you, creating platforms that interface with your systems today, and are scalable for changes you may want to integrate down the line.

Scalable Products
SIS Software has developed products that are scalable from the desktop level to global enterprise. We know you want the best for your school district, therefore we provide you with the best. For this reason, our solutions will never tie you down. We provide networks, systems, and products that integrate perfectly into your existing situation, and grow effortlessly with you in the future.

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