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Quickly review and manage all accountability plans
for a single student from one location

- including demographic records,
class roll information, attendance
and discipline information.

Our Methodology
SIS Software plans to transform the way that businesses and educational institutions operate by fusing the Internet and software through a series of unique products and its customized product development. We currently have five commercial products released. SIS Software services the education market, providing a simple way for school districts to assimilate the Internet into classrooms.

We offer customized solutions to problems that your firm or institution may encounter. We deliver these solutions in the form of full-featured Internet-based applications that run on your servers or ours.

SIS Software is working constantly to develop fresh products that serve a variety of markets. By third-quarter 2002 we expect our product line to grow to and additional three products, each catering to a different niche within the business and education markets.

Our next commercial product will be an IEP software suite allowing for a complete electronic IEP tracking for your students. The IEP software will allow for multiple levels of login security and error handling features that will flag you if a stage of the IEP is not complete. In addition to SIS Software's growing product suite, we can take any idea you can conceive and bring it to the Internet in a full-featured application built with your initiatives.

We can also work with you to create custom solutions to solve specific problems that your establishment may be encountering. SIS Software will work with its clients to cultivate an idea specific to their business or institution. Once the idea is concrete, we will bring in our development team, who allows the concept to turn into an actual solution.

The Phases of the SIS Software Process are:
Plan: Identify project goals and objectives and create a road map for meeting them.
Define: Clearly understand the client's requirements.
Design: Invent a solution of components to deliver those requirements.
Develop: Build and test solution components.
Deploy: Install applications and implement processes.
Conclude: Hand over project to client, celebrate success, and close the project.

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