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Quickly review and manage all accountability plans
for a single student from one location

- including demographic records,
class roll information, attendance
and discipline information.

About SIS Software
SIS Software is a growing provider of administrative software solutions for educators across the United States. All of our software has been developed in the field with input from administrators and educators like yourself, giving SIS Software packages the advantage of understanding the unique needs and requirements of individual districts and schools.

Developing Internet-based software packages allows users the ability for anytime anywhere access to authorized applications. Immense attention is taken during the development process to achieve easy-to-use and easy-to-train software modules, leaving administrators, MIS specialists, technology coordinators, and teachers raving about the time and money they save.

SIS Software enables educators to complete labor-intensive tasks in minutes. Our user-friendly software saves valuable time and frees administrators, teachers, secretaries, guidance counselors to do what they do best - educate.

The company's roots trace back 5 years where it originally focused solely on application development services, which was a relatively new concept at the time. As we moved into the educational market, we realized the growing demand for anytime-anywhere educational software products for institutional needs. As a result SIS Software (Student Information System Software) was formed.

Our CEO has served as IT Director with both the New York Times Company and the Thomson Corporation and has most recently served as the CTO of a leading Internet startup. SIS Software is an extension of the Apply Networks Corporation dedicated to developing products and services for the educational community.

Strategic Relationships
SIS Software holds formal strategic business partnerships with AT&T, Allaire Corporation, AbleCommerce Corporation, Macromedia, Microsoft, Peoplesoft and Dell Computers, as well as consulting and technology alliances with Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Microsoft.

SIS Software provides (e)-educational integration solutions for school districts of all sizes. Lists of references and school districts are available upon request.

East Palatka, FL

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