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  I have used the AIP-STAR to write all of my AIPs because it is so easy to do. I am pleased to share my testimonial about the merits of the AIP-STAR. My thanks go out to those responsible for creating this teacher friendly program. My job is so much easier and keeping tabs on student progress is no longer a hassle.
- PC - BWE, Intermediate Project CHILD
LEP-STAR Professional
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SIS Software's LEP-STAR software is a web-based solution allowing teachers and administrators to document and track students with limited English language proficiency (English as as second language. If a teacher and/or administrator determines that a student has limited English language proficiency (LEP) an LEP plan is created. SIS Software has worked with educators and parents to develop a web-based solution for district Limited English Proficient plans.

Our system allows teachers to easily create and navigate through student LEP plans. We can use your district's approved LEP forms and make them available throughout your district. LEP forms can be created in either Spanish or English.

Th LEP-STAR can automatically import all student demographic information including test scores and rule-based formulas saving teachers time and ensuring the accuracy of the student data during the creation process of the LEP.

District reports are available to allow administrators to monitor all student LEPs. Find out how many students have an LEP in the district or by individual schools.

Our software permanently archives all LEPs to allow quick reviewing of historic LEPs, review LEPs of students that have withdrawn from the district, monitor who is creating/updating student LEPs and much more.

During the deployment process SIS Software will work directly with your school district in providing you with a customized version of the LEP-STAR software to meet the needs and assessments of your district.

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