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  I have used the AIP-STAR to write all of my AIPs because it is so easy to do. I am pleased to share my testimonial about the merits of the AIP-STAR. My thanks go out to those responsible for creating this teacher friendly program. My job is so much easier and keeping tabs on student progress is no longer a hassle.
- PC - BWE, Intermediate Project CHILD
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AIP-STAR/Success Plan

Since the creation of our FCAT-STAR product, we have added a multitude of new reports that provide district and school educators like yourself even more access to student data and their associated test scores. We are now in the process of changing the name of our FCAT-STAR software to DATA-STAR software.

Some of our new test score reporting include: SRI, ESI (K-1) / DIBELS, SAT9/SAT10, SRUSS, ACT, SAT and many more.

Some of our demographic data includes: grades, attendance YTD and by period, excused absences, unexcused absences, tardies, referrals, in-school suspensions, out-of-school suspensions, migrant status and many more.

SIS Software's DATA-STAR software takes your current and past test score data and collectively imports this data into an essential reporting and assessment tool for administrators and instructors.

The DATA-STAR software has been demonstrated to the Florida DOE, OPPAGA and individual school districts across multiple states receiving high marks and enthusiasm. Variations of the DATA-STAR are currently implemented in over a dozen school districts in Florida alone. Our software is delivered to you in source code format - for modifications at your school district. DATA-STAR can be deployed at your location usually within a couple of weeks.

The DATA-STAR has been designed by consolidating current and past class roll data, student demographic data and state/district supplied test scores into a centralized, web-based system. Reports are then presented in an easy-to-view and print display with various sorting and exporting capabilities.

Create user friendly reports in as little as a single click. Users can use both demographic and test scoring search criteria to detail their report to exactly the information they are looking for.

Preformatted reports include an achievement level report showing all achievement level scores across the entire district separated by race, sub-group report (summary and detail) which includes free and reduced lunch, LEP status and ESE status broken down by race and gender in each category.

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