SIS Software - Developing educational software for K-12 since 1999. SIS Software is an Apply Networks Corporation. SIS Software - Developing educational software for K-12 since 1999. SIS Software is an Apply Networks Corporation.
 SIS Software's Fall 2013 Releases
AYP - Development of a reporting module for adequate yearly progress that measures year-to-year student achievement on statewide assessments, one of the cornerstones of No Child Left Behind (NCLB).
Completed development; now testing a module for class size reduction that creates a report utilizing DOE's list of core courses to produce reports that show total class sizes across the entire district. Report is based on federal Class Size Reduction Legislation.
Developing a module for evaluating and tracking students as they learn about computer technology, as mandated by No Child Left Behind (NCLB).
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Let SIS Software solve your student accountability problems.
1. Manage student accountability plans from one central location with a single click of the mouse.
2. District and school level real-time monitoring and reporting.
3. Centralized web-based programs allow you to access student plans anywhere anytime.
4. Parent portals allow parents to review their child’s real-time student plans.

SIS Software provides integrated
(e)-educational solutions for
school districts of all sizes.

Serving hundreds of schools and districts across the United States; over a 100,000 users and almost a half of million students.
 » serving hundreds of schools and districts nationally
 » over a 100,000 users
 » approaching a half million students
I have used the AIP-STAR to write all of my AIPs because it is so easy to do. I am pleased to share my testimonial about the merits of the AIP-STAR. My thanks go out to those responsible for creating this teacher friendly program. My job is so much easier and keeping tabs on student progress is no longer a hassle.
- PC - BWE, Intermediate Project CHILD

We found using the on-line ESE-STAR helpful in several ways. Having strategy choices available was most helpful. Knowing that the pre-written strategy choices were measurable objectives was a definite time saver.
- AG - WES, ESE teacher

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